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Stanislav Kublanovsky

Stanislav Kublanovsky is the leader of the UMS project, a specialist in algorithmic problems related to algebraic systems.

In 1994, he proved the algorithmic insolvability of the closure problem for completely simple finite semi-groups. For the majority of algebraists, this result was quite unexpected, since until that time, all similar problems had had positive solutions.

Stanislav holds BS and MS in Applied Mathematics from Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, PhD in Mathematics and Physics from Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of Academy of Science of Republic of Moldova and Dr. of Science (Habilitation) in Algebra and Numbers Theory from Steklov Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Kublanovsky is a prominent math teacher. Many of his students won All-Russian and International math competitions:


  • 2002

    Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF). Louisville, KY, USA

    Aleksandr Anosov, Mikhail Berlin, Anatoliy Burov – First Place award
  • 2003

    Intel ISEF. Cleveland, OH, USA

    Sergey Ivanov – award in Mathematics
  • 2005

    Intel ISEF – Avangard. Moscow, Russia

    Vladimir Trubnikov, Oleg Mikhailovskiy, Mikhail Ptichkin – First Prize in Mathematics
  • 2005

    Intel ISEF. Phoenix, Arizona, USA

    Aleksey Shubnikov – award in Mathematics
  • 2007

    Intel ISEF. Atlanta, GA, USA

    Sergey Bakulin – award in Mathematics
  • 2010

    Intel ISEF. St Petersburg, Russia

    Aleksey Sokontsev, Vladislav Leontiev – First Place award.
  • 2013

    International Conference of Young Scientists (ICYS ). Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

    Boris Zolotov – Gold Medal in Mathematics
  • 2015

    Intel ISEF. St. Petersburg, Russia

    Boris Zolotov – First Place award.
  • 2017

    XIII Baltic Science and Engineering Fair, St. Petersburg, Russia

    Dmitriy Mihailovskiy – Diploma I Degree and First Place Award.
  • 2017

    XXIV International Conference of Young Scientists (ICYS ). Stuttgart, Germany

    Dmitriy Mihailovskiy – Diploma I Degree and First Place Award.
  • 2017

    Intel ISEF. Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Dmitriy Mihailovskiy – Special Award III
    Saveliy Novikov – Grand Award IV, Special Award II.

Yuri Matiasevich

Yuri Matiasevich is a full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)

Director of the Laboratory of Mathematical Logic in the St. Petersburg branch of the Steklov Mathematical Institute within RAS, and the holder of honorary doctorates from a number of European universities. In 1970, he solved the 10th problem of Hilbert – one of the 23 famous mathematical problems set by the great German mathematician in 1900.

Yuri holds BS and MS in Mathematics from St. Petersburg State University and PhD and Dr. Science (Habilitation) in Mathematics from Steklov Institute of Mathematics of Russian Academy of Sciences.

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