Problem of the week 11/06/2015

algebraic equation

Problem of the week 11/06/2015

Try to solve the problem by yourself. Check next week for UMS solution.

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algebraic inequality

Problem of the week 10/29/2015

Solve an advanced Exponential Inequality. Check the UMS solution next week.

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logaritma ile denklem

Problem of the week 08/24/2015

Solve an Exponential Equation with Logarithms. Check the UMS solution next week.

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function maxima and minima

Analysis of a Function with Derivatives using UMS

Maxima and minima, Fermat’s theorem, critical points, first derivative test. In mathematics,

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Graph of a Slope of a Line

Linear Equation and Slope of a Line using UMS

A linear equation is an algebraic equation in which each term is either a constant or the product of a

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Table of function values

Function and its Values with UMS

A function f with domain X and codomain Y is commonly denoted by f: X→Y, the elements

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